My Favourite Recipes

I love baking and cooking, and I get almost all of my recipes online unless they’re from one of my mums older cookbooks or a recipe of my grandma’s. For your benefit, I thought I’d add here a collection of my favourite recipes from some of my favourite blogs; some of which I fell in love with instantly, and some of which I swear by.

Favourite Recipes:

Cream Puffs – I always always use Baker Bettie’s one, it’s absolutely fabulous and I get amazing cream puffs EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They make me smile so much when I watch them rise, and made me super happy when I watched those little balls of dough puff into gorgeously golden brown, tall, airy puffs.

Cupcakes – I really like CupcakeJemma on YouTube‘s cupcake recipes as well as Lindsay from Love Life Sugar. My favourite ones from Jemma are her red velvet and her nutella cupcakes. My favourite ones from Lindsay are her vanilla and lemon blueberry. For Hokkaido cupcakes (Japanese chiffon cupcakes with a cream/custard filling) I use this one.

Cookies – For chewy ones, I’ve always used Martha Stewart’s recipe. I don’t know why, I think years ago I wanted cookies so I googled ‘perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies’ and clicked on that one. As of now, I’m really enjoying Averie Cook’s Chocolate Chip and Chunk Cookies as they’re a lovely recipe and taste even better.

Brownies – I don’t really bake brownies that often, so I don’t have a solid brownie recipe that I really love. These red velvet cheesecake brownies from Sally’s Baking Addiction are probably the only brownie recipe that I’ve made over and over again and will continue to do so.

Cheesecake – I usually don’t make cheesecakes all that often, so I make cheesecake bars. These nutella swirled cappuccino cheesecake bars from Girl Versus Dough are like the hybrid of all things beautiful in this world. I love all things lemon and blueberry, so it’s a natural that I love these Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Waffles – I use this recipe for Belgian Waffles from tasteofhome. The reviews sounded amazing, and it does produce pretty good waffles. It’s always a lovely way to treat your family, or on a weekend breakfast. The recipe can be very versatile, and since I like experimenting, I’ve sprinkled chocolate chips before sandwiching waffles, and sprinkled cheddar cheese before pouring batter on to get a lovely cheese crust waffle.

Ice-Cream – If I’m going to make ice-cream, I’ll use Gemma Stafford’s No Machine Ice-Cream videos/blogposts. They’re quite quick, easy and versatile. There’s a large variety of videos that she’s made on them. She has a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice-Cream, Red Velvet Ice-Cream, 6 Holiday Themed Ice-Cream Flavours, 6 More Ice-Cream Flavours including Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough and Dulce de Leche, her original No Machine Ice-Cream post, and her 5 Dairy Free No Machine Ice-Cream video.

Dumplings – I know that it’s not exactly the right term for all of them, but I just refer to them as dumplings. My absolutely favourite gyoza recipe is this recipe from Japanese Cooking 101. They’re like classic pork dumplings, so if you aren’t a fan of pork, I also occasionally use this recipe from giramuk’s kitchen when I want chicken potstickers. I add a bit more water to them, since I find that without the water they can get quite dry (which I eyeball). I’ve made both of them countless times, and I absolutely love them.

Pizza – My favourite pizza will ALWAYS be a thin crust pizza. I can’t deny a good margherita with a really thin, crispy crust and heaps and heaps of good quality cheese (or mozarella discs, mmm!). Here’s my favourite recipe for a thin crust pizza.

Other Items of Savoury Goodness – Cheese and garlic are my favourites. My best friends. My foods of all foods (okay I’ll reserve that spot for potatoes, but they’re pretty close). Cheesy bread stuffed with cheese was absolutely great, although I honestly wasn’t able to finish both and these cheesy pizza puffs, both from Girl Versus Dough. Just to add on to that hunger that I know you’re probably experiencing right now, here’s some amazing looking soft pretzel bites from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Measuring/Recipe Helpers – For halving recipes, I like to use this printable guide from He and She Eat Clean. When I’m missing ingredients, I refer to this extremely helpful guide called this for that: baking substitutionsHere’s an image of some metric to imperial conversions which I uploaded to imgur since I couldn’t find a proper original source (but if it is yours, tell me and I’ll be sure to credit you!)

That’s about it for now! Anytime I find an amazing recipe to die for, I’ll definitely add it here! Hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are!

– Jess


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