Colourpop Haul, Review + Swatches

Colourpop, for those who don’t know is a brand of inexpensive makeup that has taken the world by storm, known for their pigmented formulas, large arrays of colours from bold and neon to neutral and their really affordable prices.

Awhile ago, Colourpop had a deal where all orders under $50USD could get $5 international shipping, and all orders over $50USD could get free shipping! I immediately seized the opportunity, since I’d been waiting for over a year for the shipping to be anything less than their previous ridiculous price of $24USD.

(and for those who don’t know, Colourpop are currently having free international shipping for orders over $50 for the rest of the year!)


I ended up buying one blush, two highlighters, one eyeshadow, one lip pencil, two lipsticks and six ultra satin lipsticks. I wanted to try their ultra matte lips, but I heard they were incredibly drying so I thought I’d save them until my next haul.


Their blushers and highlighters come with 4.2g of product and their eyeshadows come with 2.1g of product. Their eyeshadows retail for $5USD each and their blushers and highlighters retail for $8USD each.



The two highlighters I grabbed were Butterfly Beach (left) and Wisp (right). Butterfly Beach is a lovely rose golden highlighter, great for tanned skin and Wisp is a lovely deep golden highlighter. The eyeshadow I got was in Wattles which is a satin pink shade and the blush in Between the Sheets, a lovely neutral pink shade.


And here are the swatches (L-R) Butterfly Beach, Wisp, Between the Sheets, Wattles. These swatches were done with two swipes, producing a lovely, extremely pigmented finish.

The products themselves have a light, creamy mousse texture when touched, but when blended turn to a powder finish. I find that the best way to apply is with the fingers for eyeshadow, as brushes don’t pick the product up that well. For the blush, I like applying with my Real Techniques Sponge or a stippling brush, and for highlighters I apply with my fingers then blend out with my sponge.


I picked up the Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park, Alyssa, Dopey, Frick n Frack and Lyin’ King; the Lippie Stix in Brink and Lumiere; and their Lippie Pencil in Lyin’ King.


Their Ultra Satin Lips come with 3.2g of product and their Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils come with 1g of product. The Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6USD each and their Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils retail for $5USD each.



Here are the swatches (L-R): Lippie Stix in Lumiere (matte), Lippie Stix in Brink (matte), Lippie Pencil in Lyin’ King, USL in Lyin’ King, USL in Frick n Frack, USL in Dopey, USL in Alyssa and USL in Echo Park. They all have extremely pigmented, smooth, moisturising formulas, and the USL’s dry down slightly darker than the swatches in the picture.

The Lippie Stix are extremely moisturising despite being matte, and do transfer like all lipsticks do. Their Lippie Pencils are incredibly creamy and smooth, and don’t drag like most lip pencils from the drugstore do. Their USL dry down to a satin finish, and feel slightly sticky on the lips when you press them together, but nothing unbearable. They do transfer quite a bit, but the product still remains on your lips throughout eating unless the food is incredibly oily. I usually get about 3-4 hours of wear time from the Lippie Stix and 5-6 hours of wear time from the USL.


And here are all the swatches together! Aren’t they gorgeous?


Are you going to try out any Colourpop products? If you are, let me know down below! They’re absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t stop using them! I’m thinking of trying out some of the Ultra Matte Lips and their Sculpting Stix next. If you haven’t already, check out my social media links down below. I hope you’re all having a lovely day!

– Jess xx



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