Simple, Elegant Christmas Gifting Ideas and Inspiration

I’m one of those people who like to sit down with all the presents, turn on my Christmas playlist and get in the mood, then wrap all my presents until I have a stack of gifts that are so nicely wrapped that they make me happy.

I thought I’d write this quick post to show you how I wrap my presents, and where I’ve drawn inspiration from to make everyone be impressed with the way you wrapped them!


Gift Wrapping

Pinterest is your absolute best friend. There are heaps of different creative, cute and gorgeous ways as well as inspiration for almost everything creative.

One of my favourite videos is a DIY Gift Wrap Idea Video by WhatsUpMoms. WhatsUpMoms is a YouTube channel aimed at mums with videos all about motherhood from cooking videos, tips and tricks, funny ads and heaps of DIYs. I started watching them because I used to watch WhatsUpElle who is one of the people who make videos on WhatsUpMoms, and I still absolutely love their videos, despite being nothing close to being a mum. I absolutely love this video because I love the way she wraps them, and I drew inspiration from them for most of my gift wrapping. I also love Zoe Sugg’s Christmas Wrapping Video as the ideas are so elegant, gorgeous and I’ll definitely drew inspiration from them!


Both videos used kraft paper, and I’m obsessed with it too! I love how you can be creative with what embellishments and designs you add because it’s simple.


Gift Tags

My personal favourites are these gift tags from Creative Index which I think are simple and absolutely gorgeous. They go really well with the red and white striped twine that I love to wrap gifts with. There’s also quite a few of them with a variety of shapes and sizes, so they’re great if you’re looking for consistency but not repetition. They come in three different colours: kraft and white, black and gold and soft blues and pinks, so they can fit any theme you’re going for. They’re probably my most used gift tags this holiday season.



My other favourite are these hand lettered gift tags by Holly Maher. I think that they’re absolutely gorgeous and cute, and I love that they come in various types. I recently wrapped a present in kraft paper and tied it up with red and white striped twine and three different shaped tags layered on top of each other. I honestly thought that it was gorgeous and it made me really happy.


Can we just talk about Almost Makes Perfect? Molly’s blog is aesthetic goals – absolute simplistic perfection. Her posts, photography and printables reflect just that. I loved these calligraphy-style gift tags which spice up any gift, and I’m just drawn to anything calligraphy-style. I also liked using them for my gingerbread gifts (which I stupidly forgot to take photos of, but I’ll be baking more in a weeks time so I’ll take photos of those ones, haha. It just means the post will be a bit late…) I also love these other typography gift tags which have various styles and have the nice to and from sections at the bottom. 

I also love these beautiful hand lettered gift tags from Maiko Nagao. They’re fun, artistic and slightly abstract. The dark ink with the slight hint of yellow and white contrast really well, and I just love them.


I added streaks of shimmery gold paint on a few of the presents because I just love how the gold shimmers when it catches the light. I wrapped a few in black and white bakers twine, a few in red and white bakers twine and wrapped some in this lovely red and white ribbon. I adorned them with gift tags from Creative Index and HollyMaherBlog like mentioned above. I really like the way they turned out!


Hope you were able to draw inspiration from this post and how I wrapped my presents! Hopefully you aren’t only starting to wrap now, but if you are, no judgement! We’re all late sometimes! Hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are! (and it’s Christmas in like 2 days, how exciting is that?)

– Jess





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