My Favourite Desktop Wallpapers

One of my recent favourites has been jazzing up my phone and laptop with fun wallpapers. Before I used to use the same wallpaper of these really pretty balloons from Zoe Sugg’s Zoella Beauty Launch Party for ages, until I realised (really conveniently near exam time too) that I wanted to dress up my devices with some pretty wallpapers.

After a week of searching, I realised how long I’d spent scrolling through hundreds (literally hundreds, I went through all of Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech Posts) and searched on Pinterest for probably hours. I wondered, how great would it be to have just once location for a bunch of wallpapers that I, and hopefully many of you love too! Easily accessible, and you don’t have to spend hours (of quite fun procrastination which I obviously regretted later when I could’ve been studying) searching for some wallpapers you like.

Note: I credited all original owners that I was aware of, and provided direct links to the original sources where you can download them yourself for personal use. I did not provide full downloadable images directly from my site as none of them are my own, and the original owners deserve all credit and downloads. Thank you! (:

Design Love Fest

She has almost 120 Dress Your Tech Posts which I believe are each a variety of different wallpapers from different designers. There’s a huge variety, and I went through every single one. I put links to where I found the ones I put in this post below!

Note: All are dimensions 1856 x 1161












Pink + Cream Stripes | Blue Paint SplattersPink, Gold + Black Splatters | Cucumbers | CloudsCute Pot Plants | Floral Design | WatermelonsPresent Stack + Winter Equation | Be Silly QuoteWallpaper Archive

Thorn and Sparrow

fall desktop2

april desktop-final2

april desktop-final

Isaiah 26:12 | Corinthians 1:13 | Downloads

Ashlee Proffitt

Not only do I love the layout of her blog and how amazing it looks, I also love that she’s a fellow believer too. When I came across her wallpapers with some of my favourite verses on, I knew I had to use them. Below are some of the amazing ones with verses she has, (and my personal favourites), but she also comes out with monthly posts with a new verse wallpaper, and a calendar wallpaper for the month in beautiful script. She does them in both desktop size, and phone sizes! (and despite not being the right dimensions, still look stunning on my laptop).

Note: All are 2560 x 1400 in dimension (:






Psalm 143:6 | Colossians 3:12Psalm 27 | 1 Thessalonians 5:18 | 2 Corinthians 12:9 | Wallpaper Archive

May Designs

She comes out with monthly posts featuring designs with that month’s calendar for both your desktop and your phone, and just the designs plain without the calendar for yearly use! They’re really beautiful, and below are a few of the ones I love along with the link to download!




Pink and Purple Floral Design | Floral November Design | Wallpaper Archive

The Wonder Forest

Wonder Forest has some really cute and amazing wallpapers. They may not have as big of a variety as Design Love Fest for example, but I’ve recently been loving their watermelon and strawberry wallpapers. I’ve been using them alternately as my phone lock and home screen wallpapers for the past week, and still think they’re absolutely adorable.




Strawberry and Watermelon | Holiday Nordic Design | Digital Downloads

Creative Index

Here are some really cute autumn ones that I love! (:




Autumnal Leaves + Quote | Give Thanks | Downloads

Other Cool Wallpaper Links

So if you were wondering what I was doing whilst procrastinating my exam study, the evidence is all above! (and researching other things for christmassy related posts – I’m extremely excited for those ones!) AND YES MY EXAMS ARE FINISHED. I AM SO HAPPY. FINISHED FOR THE YEAR TOO WHOOOOP!! Now I’m able to binge watch shows, bake to my hearts content, do some online retail therapy (pssh more like damage) to my wallet (bc all the sales – I can’t resist a real good sale!) and work on all those blogpost drafts!

Now I’m off to do some retail therapy in celebration and bake a HUUGE batch of gingerbread and some peppermint bark! (:

– Jess


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